'Transition Melody'

by MattxIbarra

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MattxIbarra is the alias of West Coast sound artist Matthew James Ibarra from San Diego, California. He also records under the monikers Sharptooth, Material, and babymafew.

This collection of long form pieces titled 'Transition Melody' explores the purpose of echoic memory and how we perceive the past. At the time of this recording, I was suffering from nocturnal panic attacks. When I would finally be able to fall asleep, acute visions from my childhood would cause extreme euphoria once I woke up. Naturally, I yearned for a way back to the visions. This passage from panic attack to euphoria was the lock and key to what would later be presented to you as ‘Transition Melody’.

The process in creating 'Transition Melody' (H2L003) as performer utilized two instruments, prepared piano (1979 Fender Rhodes Piano) and a modular setup for further effects and manipulation. No further processing and arranging were necessary for ‘Enduring the Same Things I Did When I Was a Boy’ the first and most melancholy of the two compositions, a true struggle against silence. Considerably crisper and rhythmic, ‘The Hill on Which I Learned to Listen Is Still There’ gives ‘Transition Melody’ the same sense of arc that characterized Ibarra’s previous release, ‘Organ of Perception’. Consisting of only two actual sound sources (sine wave and piano) the melody is so ultra minimal, you simply cannot interpret the depth and subtlety of the textures unless listened in true stereo.


released September 10, 2021

recorded and performed by Matt Ibarra
recorded at Strange Tapes Recording
mastered by Jared Carrigan
artwork + layout by Josh Levi


all rights reserved




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